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Followup Suggestions - This Converts More Leads
& Gets More Repeat Business

Build Better Relations By Easily
Staying in Touch With Your Network

CompanyHub reminds you of leads you need to followup. Just set hotness indicating how often you would like to stay in touch. Whenever there is lack of communication, you will automatically get a followup reminder.

Get 360° View of Lead At One Place

See Conversations, Emails, Notes, Tasks, etc. at 1 place and decide next steps
CRM for small businesses
  • Import / Export Leads

    Upload file in any format, map columns to fields and import records. You can also export.

  • Capture leads from website

    Forms submitted on website can be used to directly create leads in CRM

  • Group your leads

    You can group / segregate leads the way you want

  • Get automated followup reminders

    You get automated followup reminds whenever you are about to miss a ViewBag.LeadPhraseSingular.ToLower().

Save At Least 2 Hours Every Day
With Complete Productivity Suite

  • 2-Way Email Sync

    Syncs Email Conversations. Send Followups from App

  • Bulk Mail

    Send personalised mails in bulk with CompanyHub

  • Unlimited Email Tracking

    Track email opens and link clicks to find interested leads

  • Email Templates

How Our Bulk Mail is Different from Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation tools send mails using their servers and accounts. They are designed for 1000s of mails at a time. So gmail does not show them in primary and hence they get less opens. We send mails using your email account, one by one. So gmail as well as user feels it’s personally sent. So they are mostly shown in primary, get more opens and more replies.

Track unlimited mails sent directly from gmail / google apps

Also syncs with Google calendar

Track the Progress from Enquiry to Sale in Single Screen
Using Visual Sales Pipeline

Also helps focus on next steps to close each deal
  • Drag-and-drop

    Quickly update stages by moving to next stage sales pipeline stages change

  • Flexible

    Customise stages and fields

  • Filters

    See the pipeline of selected users

More reasons users love CompanyHub ...

  • Tasks & Activities

    Manage schedule and get followup reminders

  • Zapier Integration & API

    Connect webapps & automate workflows

  • Field & Record Level Permissions

    Control who can see what data

  • Mobile App

    Mobile app for Andriod & iOS platform

  • Visual Documentation

    Beautiful & concise documentation using GIFs

  • Awesome Support

    Our support is rated 100% on G2Crowd!

Automate Alerts, Reminders, Detecting Duplicates
or Any Other Process

Every modern sales organization, like yours, must automate the boring tasks and focus on productive things.

Automate almost anything in clicks.

  • Alerts / reminders to sales people
  • Reminders / mails to clients
  • Alerts / notifications to managers
  • Automate any workflow / process like checking duplicates
  • Bulk changes like transferring leads

Create Professional Looking Quotations in Seconds

  • Create pre defined products, pricelist & taxes
  • You can have multiple pricelist
  • Flexible taxes & discounts
  • See all quotes & orders in central place

Powerful Reporting

  • Sales Dashboard

    See current performance vs past performance. And helps you to track progress

  • Team Dashbaords

    Identifiy your top performers and those that need attention.

  • Client Dashboard

    See insights about your clients.

Awesome Visualizations

  • Area Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Line Chart
  • Donut Chart
  • Pivot Table
  • Create reports while in meeting

    See current performance vs past performance. And helps you to track progress

  • Get the metrices you need

    Sales, deal sizes, close rate, activities, comparative performance, etc.

  • For any time frame

    Last 6 months, Last 30 days, Last Month, Last 2 quarters etc.

Fully Customizable for Your Industry

Track almost anything. Not just leads.
  • Automotive
    • Commissions & Incentives
    • Scheduled Payments
    • Loan Disbursements
    • Vendors & Showrooms
  • Real Estate
    • Properties / Projects
    • Bookings
    • Site visits
    • Payments
    • Agreements
  • Travel
    • Itinerary
    • Packages
    • Locations
    • Suppliers
    • Bookings
  • Education
    • Students
    • Institutes
    • Courses
    • Enrollments

We Couldn’t Say it Better Ourselves...

Finally An Affordable Technology Stack For Small to Medium Businesses

Loving the fact I can replace so many other possible technologies with one simple yet powerful system. No more salesforce, salesloft or external automations. I can still integrate zapier with the other technologies that I do want to keep externally, without needing a developer. I love Companyhub.

Virginia Graham
Model Mortgages Pty Ltd

Simple Powerful Effective CRM That Started Working In Minutes!"

So, when I came across Company Hub and saw Simple Input and "Drag & Drop" customization I thought it would be worth a try. Honestly, I was expecting to shelf it. But was I wrong. Initial set up took 10 minutes. I hooked up to Exchange Email account and it instantly started syncing emails. The next morning I clicked on the recommended follow ups and it had flagged a contact from my emails that I forgotten about and hadn't even input to the system yet. But Company Hub was right, it was an opportunity that needed followup. So I did. I sent the email from the CRM, it showed up in my Outlook sent items instantly and the contact called me, and the next day I closed a $35,000 Deal. Amazing!

Howard O.
High Output Training Systems (Sales Coach)
  • Lead management
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Automate Your Processes
  • Custom Fields & Tables
  • 2-Way Email Sync
  • Bulk Mail & Email Templates
  • Email Tracking & scheduling
  • Followup suggestions
  • Reports & Dashboards
  • Professional Looking Quotes
  • Zapier Integration & API
  • Tasks & Activities
  • Mobile App